Final Projects

Below you will the final project presentation videos as well as links to the presentation slides and poster boards.  We were very impressed with everyone's final projects and proud of each of you!  It was very difficult to select standouts!

Congratulations to Ivan and Justin (Gordon Leadership Award winners) and Lauren (Joe Watson Award winner)!  Special Cluster Awards for Engineering Design Adaptations to Santiago, Ashley, Zhi and Raph!

Zhi and Raph
"Engineering a Rendering System that Enables Visual Motor Integration Utilizing an Android-Based Command System"

Ashley and Santiago
"Wireless Arduino-Powered Robot with Mobile Connectivity to Collect and Launch Small Projectiles"

Ivan and Justin
"Aiding the visually impaired through the utilization of an Arduino-based Autonomous sonar guided personal assistant" 

Aiushe and Cynthia
"Autonomous Self-Driving Robot"

Holly and Jane
"Specialized Motion Pattern Detection and Recognition Device"

Lauren and Cleon
"Motion-Activated Rotational and Systemizing Surveillance through Digital Database, Servomechanism and Ultrasonic Detection"

Jason and Sergio
"Development of a Virtual Drawing Application Using Python"

Kelly and Vicky
"Andriod-oriented Arduino Wearable Device Implementing a Motion-Detecting Senor Tracking Personal Fitness Data"
April and Jessica
"Phalangeal Controlled Incremental Page Traversal System " 

Monica and Vani
"Mobile-Application-Operated Currency Calculating Apparatus Utilizing an Arduino Development Board"


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