Highlights of Week 3

Some highlights of our third week of COSMOS!  We've learned so much and had tons of fun this week!  One thing we've learned: If you don't ask, you don't get. We asked our Teacher Fellow Shirley if we could get a tour of the San Diego Supercomputer Center here at UCSD and she arranged one!  We asked if we could learn CAD and our TA Matt arranged it!  Our class and lab schedule is so full that we couldn't do them during class time, but we were all interested so both were extension activities that we participated in after lab time - during our free time!

Below are some photos of this week that we couldn't fit into our newsletter article (or were done after the newsletter had gone to "print").

As always, you can go view all our photos.

TF Shirley enjoys baking.  She made us chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - both from SCRATCH! 


We are Cluster ONE after all!

One of our first Arduino tutorials.

Arduino tutorial

Arduino tutorial

On Wednesday, we heard from the E4E students (undergrads and a PhD student) and got a chance to speak to them more afterwards.  They inspired us and gave excellent advice!

1+1 doesn't always equal 2

Cluster 1!

Lots of wires needed for our cluster!

Extension activity - Tour of the Supercomputer Center!

Checking out posters of the research done in CSE in our building.  It's a good way for us to know what we should strive for!

Alarm clock project!

Alarm clock project

On our way to our second extension activity - a CAD lesson in a maker space!

In the maker space to make a fidget spinner.

Our last lecture for COSMOS - We got to choose the topic: Computer Architecture. 

Our last guest lecturer for COSMOS - Computer Vision.


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