Final Projects

Below you will the final project presentation videos as well as links to the presentation slides and poster boards.  We were very impressed with everyone's final projects and proud of each of you!  It was very difficult to select standouts!

Congratulations to Ivan and Justin (Gordon Leadership Award winners) and Lauren (Joe Watson Award winner)!  Special Cluster Awards for Engineering Design Adaptations to Santiago, Ashley, Zhi and Raph!

Zhi and Raph "Engineering a Rendering System that Enables Visual Motor Integration Utilizing an Android-Based Command System" Presentation | Poster Board
Ashley and Santiago "Wireless Arduino-Powered Robot with Mobile Connectivity to Collect and Launch Small Projectiles" Presentation | Poster Board
Ivan and Justin "Aiding the visually impaired through the utilization of an Arduino-based Autonomous sonar guided personal assistant"  Presentation | Poster Board
Aiushe and Cynthia "Autonomous Self-Driving Robot" Pre…

Arduino Alarm Clock Projects

On Friday, we presented our Arduino alarm clock projects.  We designed our own alarm clock using components like LEDs, light sensors, sound sensors and LCDs.  It was a big learning experience for us to put together the hardware and software!

The presentations: videos, slides and demos are listed below.  Congratulations to the Faculty Choice Award winners: Lauren and Jessica for "The Rock"!  There was a TIE for the People's Choice Award!  Congratulations to Ivan and Holly for "Circular Alarm Clock" and Vani and Raph for "The Water Clock"!

April and Jason - Car Clock Presentation | Demo

Cleon and Cynthia - Sonic Clock Presentation | Demo
Aiushe and Monica - Cuckoo Clock Presentation | Demo
Kelly and Vicky - Chase the Alarm Presentation | Demo
Vani and Raph - Water Clock Presentation | Demo People's Choice Award
Zhi and Justin - Cutting Edge Alarm Clock Presentation | Demo
Holly and Ivan - Circular Pathed Alarm Clock Chase Presentation | Demo People's …

Highlights of Week 3

Some highlights of our third week of COSMOS!  We've learned so much and had tons of fun this week!  One thing we've learned: If you don't ask, you don't get. We asked our Teacher Fellow Shirley if we could get a tour of the San Diego Supercomputer Center here at UCSD and she arranged one!  We asked if we could learn CAD and our TA Matt arranged it!  Our class and lab schedule is so full that we couldn't do them during class time, but we were all interested so both were extension activities that we participated in after lab time - during our free time!
Below are some photos of this week that we couldn't fit into our newsletter article (or were done after the newsletter had gone to "print").
As always, you can go view all our photos.

TF Shirley enjoys baking.  She made us chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - both from SCRATCH! 
We are Cluster ONE after all!
One of our first Arduino tutorials.
Arduino tutorial
Arduino tutorial

On Wednes…

Image Processing Projects

On Monday (Week 3), we presented our image processing projects.  We had to do an image manipulation.  We programmed in Jython to do our "photoshopping".  The "Faculty Choice" award was Filters by Lauren and Holly.  The "People's Choice" award went to Cleon and Ivan for their Superhero Cityscape image.

Below are our videos of the presentation we gave in lab to our cluster, a link to our presentation slides and the images (before and after).

Vani and April - Underwater - Presentation Slides

***** Zhi and Sergio - Sea++Presentation Slides Images
***** Lauren and Holly - Filters - Presentation Slides - Faculty Award Winner  Images