Week 1 - Friday: Visit to Qualcomm Institute's Robot Zoo and Sun Cave

After our AppInventor presentations, we walked to Qualcomm Institute (just "next door" to our CSE building).  We got to meet Diego-San.  He's a robot that's meant to study machine learning and is designed to be a "toddler".  He's learned how to kick a ball, like a baby/toddler would - by trying and missing, then eventually getting more fluid and accurate.

We also visited the Sun Cave during opening.  It's a 3-D visualization cave.  We put on special glasses to virtually visit  ruins, Italy and the beach!

Field Trip to Qualcomm

Yesterday we had a field trip to Qualcomm.  We got to see some demos of their latest research, check out their museum (which had the origins of Qualcomm and its evolution) to see various products that their research is inside, a self-charging car and a robot dress!

One of the highlights was a demo by our host Saura N. (former Cluster 1 faculty) of her robot dress and getting robot hugs!

Here are some photos and videos.  You can see more field trip photos on our Google drive.
Cluster Photo!

Robot Hugs!
Robot Dress Demo
Robot Dress Discussion 1
Robot Dress Discussion 2

 Robot made with a Snapdragon chip
 Various phones during the evolution of Qualcomm technology
Cluster photo at the museum

All Photos and Videos

You can view all photos and videos from our cluster on our Google drive.

Week 1's photos include pictures from lecture, lab and our on-campus field trips to see Diego-San (a robot in the Robot Zoo) and the Sun Lab.

Here are some photos from Friday evening's COSMOlympics:

Our first presentation - AppInventor Projects

On Friday, we presented our first projects.  We create our own original Android apps using AppInventor.  Congratulations to Zhi and Cynthia, "Faculty Choice Award" winners for their Build-a-Burger app, and Monica and Jason, "People's Choice Award" winners for their Navigation app.

Ivan and Raphael - Penalty Kick Flick Presentation | Demo
Lauren and Jane - Nature Adventuresant Presentation | Demo
Aiushe and Holly - Bowling Hurdle Presentation | Demo
Kelly and Justin - Mario and Luigi Go to the Ball Presentation | Demo
Cynthia and Zhi - Build a Better Burger Presentation | Demo "Faculty Choice Award" Winner

Monica and Jason - Navigator App Presentation | Demo "People's Choice Award" Winner
Santiago and Ashley- Plane Dodge Presentation | Demo
Jessica and April - Koalas in Peril Presentation | Demo
Vani and Vicky - An Hour Without Your Phone Presentation | Demo
Cleon and Sergio - Shop-a-holic Presentation | Demo

First Day of Class

It was a great first day of class.  We learned about the ubiquitous nature of computing and what we are going to do over the next four weeks.  Before lunch we got a chance to learn about AppInventor and what we will use to start our own apps.  We began to get our feet wet with AppInventor with some tutorials then started working on our own apps.  Demos of our final apps will be posted later.
Safety lecture

 Ice breaker

 First lecture of COSMOS