Arduino Alarm Clock Projects

On Friday, we presented our Arduino alarm clock projects.  We designed our own alarm clock using components like LEDs, light sensors, sound sensors and LCDs.  It was a big learning experience for us to put together the hardware and software!

The presentations: videos, slides and demos are listed below.  Congratulations to the Faculty Choice Award winners: Lauren and Jessica for "The Rock"!  There was a TIE for the People's Choice Award!  Congratulations to Ivan and Holly for "Circular Alarm Clock" and Vani and Raph for "The Water Clock"!

April and Jason - Car Clock

Cleon and Cynthia - Sonic Clock

Aiushe and Monica - Cuckoo Clock

Kelly and Vicky - Chase the Alarm

Vani and Raph - Water Clock
People's Choice Award

Zhi and Justin - Cutting Edge Alarm Clock

Holly and Ivan - Circular Pathed Alarm Clock Chase
People's Choice Award

Jessica and Lauren - The Rock
Faculty's Choice Award

Jane and Santiago - Light Up Your Day


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