Our first presentation - AppInventor Projects

On Friday, we presented our first projects.  We create our own original Android apps using AppInventor.  Congratulations to Zhi and Cynthia, "Faculty Choice Award" winners for their Build-a-Burger app, and Monica and Jason, "People's Choice Award" winners for their Navigation app.

Ivan and Raphael - Penalty Kick Flick

Lauren and Jane - Nature Adventuresant

Aiushe and Holly - Bowling Hurdle

Kelly and Justin - Mario and Luigi Go to the Ball

Cynthia and Zhi - Build a Better Burger
"Faculty Choice Award" Winner

Monica and Jason - Navigator App
"People's Choice Award" Winner

Santiago and Ashley- Plane Dodge

Jessica and April - Koalas in Peril

Vani and Vicky - An Hour Without Your Phone

Cleon and Sergio - Shop-a-holic


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